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beef pizzles 12 cm, 15 cm

Beef pizzles

Ends of beef pizzles


Beef pizzles with meat

Beef Pizzle's meat

Beef lungs


White beef ears

Beef ears

Beef ears with fur


White beef tails 12 cm, 15 cm

White tails

Beef tails


Beef trachea

Beef trachea 3-5cm

Beef horns


Beef liver

Beef bone 35 cm

Beef leg


Beef achilles tendon

Beef paddywack

Beef testices


Beef gullet flat

Beef gullet round

Beef nose


Beef schaschlyk

Beef tripe

Beef lips


Beef skin 15 cm

Beef skin with fur

Beef skin


Beef larynx

Beef cheeks

Beef hoof


Beef udders

Beef hearts

White veal leg


Veal leg

Beef bone cut

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